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Liza Tang


Liza Tang is a professional ballet and an experienced instructor. She has taught dance for more than 20 years in Asia and the United States. Liza taught advanced ballet and other levels as well as character dance classes at Performing Arts School of Central Pennsylvania (PASCP), and also served as one of the program coordinators at PASCP. Liza has trained dancers who have been promoted to apprentice of the New York City Ballet and trainee of the Nashville Ballet, and accepted to programs with the School of American Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Bolshoi Ballet, Ballet Magnificat!, Chautauqua Institution and others. Liza is dedicated to providing exceptional technical ballet training in a positive environment for students of all ages and levels from beginner through pre-professional.


Liza began her classical ballet training under Ms. Ng Sheung Ha, a renowned former instructor of the National Ballet of China and Hong Kong Ballet. Liza was trained under Royal British principles and awarded distinctions in the Royal Academy of Dance in advanced level. Liza also obtained the registered teacher certification by the Hong Kong Government under the education ordinance, plus Grade 8 piano award by the associated board of the royal schools of music (A.B.R.S.M.).

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