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Dance with heart Dance with soul


N&D Ballet is founded in Great Boston Area, and is a Ballet School that is focused on classical Ballet. Our commitment is to endow students with unique graceful  temperament and  grave and elegant movements  through professional ballet study.  N&D Ballet is founded by two prominent and professional dancers, Nancy & Daoyuan Chen. We are providing the most professional, scientific and high quality teaching methods.  We are going to customize our teaching according to student age, skill level, student dance & sport experience. Our unique methods and years of professional stage experience are very well taken by students and parents and have made us grow rapidly in a short period. We will focus on providing an artistic platform for dance lovers.

Ballet elements are the foundations of all dance type movements. They are the first choice for changing body postures. Ballet practice can improve personal temperament while cultivating artistic taste. It makes the body more upright and slender, expressing a sense of gracefulness in every gesture.

N&D Ballet teaches mainly Russian classical ballet genres, while broadly utilizing European and North American advanced teaching techniques. Besides offering professional teaching programs, it caters the unique characteristics of each student to create personalized and interesting teaching plans. N&D Ballet emphasizes the holistic artistic improvements of students. It underscores the dual importance of ability and performance, with the fusion of music and dance. Students not only receive formal ballet fundamentals training, but also cultivate their personalities in rich relaxing artistic atmosphere.   

The emphasis of our training is on correct and rigorous basic skills, since basic skills are the foundation of further developments. Some teachers and students often neglect the importance of basic skills. They are too anxious to perform; they try to do actions surpassing their own ability upon inadequate basic skills. Without timely correction, it would become the burden of their bodies and the cause of injuries. So we recommend the students to build up sound and good basic skills, so as to prevent injuries effectively and to prolong their dancing life. We will correct any mistake of every student timely, teach the students to use their muscles reasonably  to complete any movement, and show the students how to protect themselves from injuries. At the same time, we will promote the students’ abilities of self-analyzing, self-adjusting and self-correcting, so that they can use what they learnt. On the basis of these fine basic skills, we will open upper level courses as Ballet Tip-toe Training, New Ballet, Contemporary Ballet and Compiled Dance Sections, etc. The purpose of N&D Ballet is to provide every student who loves dancing with our precious experiences accumulated from years of professional training and stage performance. We expect the students will truly learn how to dance based on fine basic skills—to understand by mind, to dance by mind!

N&D Ballet是一所成立于大波士顿地区,主要以教授专业古典芭蕾舞为主的舞蹈学校,培养学员们通过学习专业芭蕾的严谨和高雅的同时得到芭蕾所带来的巨大财富——独特的气质! N&D 芭蕾舞蹈学校现由两名优秀的专业芭蕾舞蹈演员陈道远(Daoyuan Chen)和Nancy Lou所创办,提供最为专业及科学的高品质舞蹈教学法。 我们将针对学员不同的年龄、程度及所从事的舞蹈种类和运动项目等进行因材施教。N&D Ballet以独特创新的教学方式和多年专业舞台所积累的经验让我们在短期内深受学员们喜爱,并致力为热爱舞蹈的学员们提供一个艺术的平台。

芭蕾舞元素是所有舞蹈运动类的基础,也是改变体型姿态的首选。芭蕾可以增加自身气质的锻炼及艺术品位的熏陶,让身形更加挺拔、修长,举手投足间都表现出一种优雅。 N&D Ballet以教授俄罗斯古典芭蕾舞流派为主体,广泛吸收欧洲及北美各派的先进教学方法。教师将亲自示范,确保学员在学习芭蕾时直观的感受更为具体的形象,提高对舞蹈的眼界,在第一时间体现出最正确的动作,让业余舞者更加规范化。 在制定专业教学方案的同时还针对每个学员的不同特点,因人制宜、深入浅出地创编多种个性化的趣味教学方法,注重学员全面艺术修养的提高,并强调能力与表演并重,音乐与舞蹈融合, 使学员不仅得到正规的芭蕾舞基础训练还在轻松浓郁的艺术氛围中陶冶了情操。

我们最注重教授正确,严谨的芭蕾基本功。众所周知学任何东西最重要的就是基础,好比盖楼,地基才是最重要的,但往往有些学员及导师忽略了基本功的重要性,急于表现, 在没有良好基础功的能力下做出超越自身能力范围内的技术,且没有及时纠正,随着日积月累身体机能的负荷导致了伤痛的来源。所以为了有效预防运动所带来的伤害,延长舞蹈生命, 我们提倡需建立起良好扎实的基本功!我们会及时纠正每个学员的每一个错误,教授如何合理运用自身肌肉去完成动作,以及保护自己的能力,同时让学员学会自我分析,自我纠正,让他们做到学而用之。 在有着这些良好的芭蕾基础前提下,我们将逐渐开设芭蕾足尖训练、新芭蕾、现代芭蕾及舞蹈片段等多样舞蹈的训练。 

N&D Ballet的宗旨是将我们多年的专业训练及舞台表演所累积的经验传授给每一个热爱舞蹈的学员们,提供高质量教学。希望每位学员们在有着良好的芭蕾基础下学会如何真正去舞蹈—--



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