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N&D Ballet is founded in Great Boston Area, and is a Ballet School that is focused on classical Ballet. Our commitment is to endow students with unique graceful  temperament and  grave and elegant movements  through professional ballet study.  N&D Ballet is founded by two prominent and professional dancers, Nancy & Daoyuan Chen. We are providing the most professional, scientific and high quality teaching methods.  We are going to customize our teaching according to student age, skill level, student dance & sport experience. Our unique methods and years of professional stage experience are very well taken by students and parents and have made us grow rapidly in a short period. We will focus on providing an artistic platform for dance lovers.

Ballet elements are the foundations of all dance type movements. They are the first choice for changing body postures. Ballet practice can improve personal temperament while cultivating artistic taste. It makes the body more upright and slender, expressing a sense of gracefulness in every gesture.

N&D Ballet teaches mainly Russian classical ballet genres, while broadly utilizing European and North American advanced teaching techniques. Besides offering professional teaching programs, it caters the unique characteristics of each student to create personalized and interesting teaching plans. N&D Ballet emphasizes the holistic artistic improvements of students. It underscores the dual importance of ability and performance, with the fusion of music and dance. Students not only receive formal ballet fundamentals training, but also cultivate their personalities in rich relaxing artistic atmosphere.   

The emphasis of our training is on correct and rigorous basic skills, since basic skills are the foundation of further developments. Some teachers and students often neglect the importance of basic skills. They are too anxious to perform; they try to do actions surpassing their own ability upon inadequate basic skills. Without timely correction, it would become the burden of their bodies and the cause of injuries. So we recommend the students to build up sound and good basic skills, so as to prevent injuries effectively and to prolong their dancing life. We will correct any mistake of every student timely, teach the students to use their muscles reasonably  to complete any movement, and show the students how to protect themselves from injuries. At the same time, we will promote the students’ abilities of self-analyzing, self-adjusting and self-correcting, so that they can use what they learnt. On the basis of these fine basic skills, we will open upper level courses as Ballet Tip-toe Training, New Ballet, Contemporary Ballet and Compiled Dance Sections, etc. The purpose of N&D Ballet is to provide every student who loves dancing with our precious experiences accumulated from years of professional training and stage performance. We expect the students will truly learn how to dance based on fine basic skills—to understand by mind, to dance by mind!


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